Deception In Good Country People

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Deceptive people have a keen way of getting people to give in to their irresistible charisma. In the short story “Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor, there is a character who shows the reader just how deceptive someone can be. The character’s name is Manley Porter, and he is the antagonist in the story. Throughout the short story Porter shows the reader how he is able to play with his victims. The victim he decides to play is a one legged girl name Hulga, and he shows the audience just what kind of person he truly is. After reading this story one will be warned of the dangers of deception by people who seem to be a good. Manley Porter is a character all of his own, he comes into the story with a positive connotation. His first attack is on the mother, and how he shows her that he a great person. To make his act better he pretends to be a bible salesman, and fakes a fatal heart disease. Of course this makes Hulga’s mom, Mrs. Hopewell, feel sorry for him. Just like the reader she has no idea what is actually coming. Next he wiggles his way in to an invite to dinner from the mother where he sees his chance to attack his second victim. At dinner the act is still on and is getting even better. He creates a character for himself. He fabricates a very sad and sappy story, even going as far to tell about his family and their poor times. Now as one can guess the innocent Hopewell family is falling for the trap he had …show more content…

Every day in real life people are deceived and fooled by people who have practiced their acts over and over again. Manley Porter was one of the people doing the deceiving. He is like the angler fish who dangles bait in front of his vicious mouth and uses it to fool its prey. Once the prey is close enough it attacks, just how Manley Porter lured his prey in close enough to where he could also attack. In the end one can only see the trap door from the inside, and one cannot escape a well-trained deceptive

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