Deconstruction Lens In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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The deconstruction lens in the” Lottery” Shirley Jackson uses “The Lottery” to exemplify how deeply rooted traditions are difficult to change. In “The Lottery,” the people who live in the town are deeply rooted in tradition. The lottery is an annual event that happened once a year on the twenty-seventh. The whole town comes together for the drawing, or the lottery. Town leaders are there to announce names and conduct the lottery. Everyone was nervous at the lottery which gives a ominous impression. A lottery? Thats a good thing right? No, the winner of the lottery gets stoned in the town square by all the people they grew up knowing. Some are friends or even family. But everyone casts a stone. The lottery has been going on far past the …show more content…

This means the lottery had probably been around as long as the town. Only giving strength to the tradition and what it is about. There is only talk of other towns who stopped the lottery. No one directly said they wanted the lottery to end, and no body dare to oppose the lottery. “Mr. Adams said to Old Man Warner, who stood next to him,” “that over in the north village they’re talking of giving up the lottery” (Jackson). Old Man Warner snorted. “Pack of crazy fools”(jackson). Then began to lecture the man for his comment. Most of the town is in the mind set that change is bad and would be detrimental to the village. The elders of the village are stuck in their old ways. “Next thing you know, they’ll be wanting to go back to living in caves, nobody work any more, live hat way for awhile” (jackson). Old Man Warner truly believes that breaking tradition would be the destruction of their village. Thus proving he is opposed to change and believes the lottery is an important tradition for the village to uphold. The ability to overcome change and conquer is a universal skill and ultimately meen you're going to get farther in this world than most. Change is what brings the next chapter in life and can bring wonderful new experiences, but with good comes bad. Change can also bring bad things. Regardless of what change brings is there will be new experiences in which you can learn from. And maybe …show more content…

Hutchinson's head. Which is again is also ironic because we are supposed to be the children of god and we killed Jesus. “He who is perfect cast the first stone.” And yet everyone will cast a stone regardless. Mr. Delacroix and Mr. Graves names have a similarity in meaning and symbolism or at least you can't really have one without the other.. Mr. Delacroix can symbolize the gray space between the living world and the underworld. He is the crossroads in which you have to travel down into the afterlife. Mr.Graves is your guide to the other side. He guides souls to the afterlife. Tessie Hutchinson is based of a Massachusetts Bay colonists, Anne Hutchinson who was declared a heretic and was excommunicated by the Puritan

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