Dehumanization In Night By Elle Wiesel

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The memoir Night by elle wiesel was written in the year 1955 10 years after this happened to him. These chapters that I have read about are about his experience in multiple different camps one of them would be Auschwitz which was one of his better ones that he went to. He was in the camp Auschwitz for a little over three weeks where he got coffee in the morning and soup for lunch. But when he went to the original camp his mom and sisters were killed since they were women and children. Elle wiesel's life was changed directly by this experience during the holocaust. There are many ways that they are dehumanized in just chapter one. First they were ordered to move into these two ghettos, a big and a small ghetto which elie wiesel was living in the bigger one of the two. There were no problems for a little bit but that soon changed. The nazi guards started to take their valuables and become a little more controlling. Elies dad buried some of their valuables because he knew that it was going downhill quickly. They were soon moved to the small ghetto where they saw a nazi guard shoot an old guy because he was not walking fast enough. They were also told to stop and sit with no food or water in the very hot weather. …show more content…

After they had to sit in the hot heat all day with no food or drinks they had to all be loaded into cattle cars with all of their stuff they needed but the guards took it. These cattle cars were about 28 by 8 and they had to fit 80 people in each of these cattle cars. There were no bathrooms in these cars so everyone had to do their business on the floor. This trip in the cattle cars was very long with very little stops or breaks. There were only two or so breaks on Elles' whole trip to the camp. There were many people who died on these carts but lucky elle did not. There is one more chapter that I have read and it is in chapter three and here is how they were

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