Briefly Describe The 1984 Case Of Denice Haraway

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Briefly describe the 1984 case of Denice Haraway. Describe the Ada police mistreatment of Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot with regard to the case. Make connections to the Ada police mistreatment of Ron Williamson and Dennis Fritz. Denice Haraway was at a local convenience store, where she was assumed to be kidnapped with no traceable evidence. Haraway’s body was never found nor was it proven she was kidnapped supporting her disappearance. Moreover, the only account to follow through was the statement that Tommy Ward, a reputable drunkard, was seen at the same establishment as Haraway the time of hr assumed disappearance. Upon finding out, the driven police associated Ward to be the one responsible, similar to Williamson’s experience, although both gentlemen were willing to take polygraph exams. Additionally, Karl Fontenot was arrested under suspicion of agitated police officers, but not harassed to a grand extent as Ward similar to the harassment Fritz endured. Explain the impact of The Dreams of …show more content…

During depressive moods, his primary characteristic during the trial, he is apprehensive as a result of his Bipolar Disorder. Individuals with Bipolar Disorder cannot endure such devastation Williamson is enduring. Unmedicated, forced into a cell for a murder of a woman he cannot recollect meeting prior, and judging audiences makes Williamson all the more unstable. Describe Ron Williamson’s family assistance before and during his trial. Williamson could not gain assistance from his parents as they passed away. Williamson’s sisters however did acknowledge he needed assistance and their support before and during his trial. Unfortunately, they were left with very limited ways to help him such as convincing police to grant him limited permission to attend the family funeral before the trial. Describe District Attorney Bill Peterson’s legal tactics and motivation in convicting Williamson and

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