Descriptive Essay On The Land Of Lies

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THE LAND OF LIES That evening I arrived at the Land of Lies. I had heard lots of stories about this place, but I had expected it to be different. The whole place was again, surrounded by the vastness of the fields. It was difficult to imagine a medieval castle popping up from the land, and yet it did. A rectangular area enclosed a disorganized order of smaller spaces within. The Land of Lies was a small city in itself, crisscrossed by the roads like veins, tied together by a fabric of monstrous buildings made of fake bricks, which pretended to create a compact area. The dominant feature of the place was a massive castle standing in the middle, accompanied by dragons spitting fire and smoke, and warriors and knights protecting…show more content…
Like all the other parts of the area, it was built of fake material mimicking the style of a Chinese castle. I was deeply intrigued by the small yet visible traces that time had left on the details during their short existence. Statues of warriors and princesses made of cardboard and polystyrene, though higher than the building itself, were also placed around the market in order to decorate the building. They were often missing toes. Inside it was similar. Only that the fake bricks turned into fake goods. The space was filled with clothes, perfumes, toys, shoes, everything together. It was chaos. Everything looked exactly the same. It was difficult to figure out how to move through this labyrinth. Even though shafts of daylight were coming in through several skylights placed on the metal roof, the space remained dark and the attention of the visitor could easily be grabbed by the blinking decorations and barking toy-dogs. Some of the goods in the stalls were covered in blue foil, perhaps not all the Vietnamese sellers had come to work that day. The sellers who had come were upset because of my camera. They did not want to be photographed, and were shouting at me something in Vietnamese. Probably they knew I was not going to buy anything. A man told me about this place being one of the most important spots for drug dealing between the two
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