Desire In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Bram Stoker’s Dracula, is a classic that has been enjoyed by readers for many years. It is one that involves fantasy, gore and even has the potential of scaring readers. It is a story that has been enjoyed and feared by readers for centuries. With that said, even though it is commonly known as a classic horror novel, it can also be seen as an erotica. Throughout the novel, Stoker incorporates sexual scenes, and scenes of desire that may or may not capture readers’ attention due to the presence of horror. The horror genre of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, combined with mild eroticism is able to draw in readers due to the fact that Stoker is able to intricately weave suspenseful sexual scenes/scenes of desire throughout the novel—making it clear that …show more content…

Their bodies are a focal point of why women should be wanted and desired. Throughout the story, the vampire sisters are able to captivate, not only readers but other characters within the story as well when it comes to the shape of their bodies. In the article, “Sins of the Flesh”: Anorexia, Eroticism and the Female Vampire in Bram Stoker's Dracula by: Emma Dominguez-Rue, readers learn—through descriptions and examples—about the ways in which the vampire female anatomy is appealing to many characters. When talking about the three vampire sisters Dominguez-Rue explains that, “Their voracious thirst for blood, which is both horrifying and fascinating to Harker, is visually represented by their monstrous female anatomy” (301). These women are not skinny, nor are they average, but plump and round. Their bodies exemplify their hunger and thirst for blood—a hunger that never ends, leaving them with a heavier physique, thus Dominguez-Rues idea that they have a “monstrous female anatomy” (Dominguez-Rue 301). Explaining that their bodies are “monstrous” (Dominguez-Rue 301)—meaning that they are average or possibly over weight which makes them seem terrifying—sheds light on their overall ability to scare others. The fact that they are round and/or over weight can be associated with the word “monstrous” because of how threatening and strong they may seem because of their size. This body type ultimately contributes to the lust that characters, such as Harker who was entranced by a female vampire as shown above in the first quoted passage. His sexual desires formed with the sight of her body and mouth, have for

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