Differences And Similarities Between The Salem Witch Trials And The 1950s

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In 1692 there was the Salem Witch Trials and then in the 1950s the McCarthy trials happened, it was like history repeated itself. Both of these trials were very sad and tragic. In both of these events, many bad things happened to very good people. Bad people lived and good people died. Abigail, who was part of the Salem Witch Trials, basically started the whole thing by having an affair, being jealous, and being caught dancing in a forest with some friends. Then there was McCarthy, in the McCarthy trials. He started to take things into his own hands and then accuse people for being communists. Like I said above, many bad things happened to very good people. In the Salem Witch Trials, lots of innocent adults, elderly people, and even some children got hung for being accused of witchcraft. Almost everyone believed in witches and everyone was scared of witches so they started to accuse people who did things out of the norm. Those people then died because of some lie that some person said about them. Now in the McCarthy trials, somethings happened and …show more content…

First there was the atomic bomb that went off in Japan and lots of people died. This also made lots of other people really mad. Then there were Russian spies, who were communists that came to America and tried to get people to become communists with them. “McCarthy capitalized on national paranoia by proclaiming that COMMUNIST SPIES were omnipresent and that he was America's only salvation” (McCarthyism). At this time, McCarthy did not like communists. The government, including McCarthy, wanted more power also at this time. It all was a big mess. It seemed like McCarthy wanted the power more than everyone else. So he started to try and take control of things. If he thought that a person was a communist then he would call them out and take almost everything from them even if they were not communists. “The vast majority of the accused were innocent victims”

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