Digory In Narnia

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In Narnia, Digory is responsible for bringing in evil through Queen Jadis, who is in actuality a Witch. He put all of Narnia in peril by his action. Now Aslan has to deal with Digory and put things to right. This is the testing point for the young boy. In the same way that in Genesis 1, God said to Adam and Eve that they were not to eat of a certain tree, here Aslan speaks to Digory and says, “But I have to think of hundreds of years in the life of Narnia. The witch whom you have brought into this world will come to Narnia again. But it need not be yet. It is my wish to plant in Narnia a tree that she will not dare to approach, and that tree will protect Narnia from her many years. So this land shall have a long, bright morning before any clouds
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