Discuss The Impact Of Street Art On African American Advocacy

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The Impact of Poetry and Street Art as Advocacy in African American Communities
Today we live in a generation where we are allowed to speak freely on the matters that are most important to us. In the past, this freedom of speech was not so easy, but communities that have faced injustices far throughout time have fought to have their voices heard. This brings us to the present where art forms like poetry and street art are used as forms of advocacy while facing adversities. Maya Angelou is one prominent figure of the past who has used her talent in writing and her work in activism to bring awareness and show a message to those around her. This has not only encouraged a generation of poets and writers to speak from within, but it has also inspired …show more content…

Through her writing, she has shown her experiences through the Jim Crow Era. (CITATION) Similarly, African American artists have shown expression of their personal experiences with discrimination and mistreatment through their work. Artists who are not of African American descent have also expressed their thoughts and opinions through their artwork. There is a difficulty when discussing such topics, but it is important to touch upon the constant disrespect that has been shown continuously towards those who have been oppressed for far too long. These writers and artists have been able to show their resilience through their lifelong passions. Not only are their voices heard, but they give a voice to others. The world of poetry and art intertwines when it comes to the expression of one’s innermost thoughts and feelings. It has been an extraordinary way to allow individuals to realise and understand the adversities faced by people of colour and other people susceptible to discrimination. The activism seen through both poetry and street art has been both enthralling and inspiring to see. The constant emphasis on continuing to stay strong and resilient and not being afraid to have your voice heard throughout the various pieces of work is what is particularly encaptivating to me. These writers and artists have continuously encouraged generations throughout to speak their minds and speak up on the injustices around us to make a change within the

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