Does Mercutio React To Change Her Mind About Romeo And Juliet

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Act Three Scene One
1. About what is Benvolio worried in the opening lines of Act Three? That if they meet with the capulets they will have a battle to the death and they do not want to fight so they want to retire
. Quote, the words that reveal Mercutio draws his Sword against Tybalt first.
... What name does Tybalt call Romeo? “ he enters the confines of a tavern claps me his sword upon the table and says “ god send me no need of thee” ” a consort or a minstrel
4. Why does Romeo not respond to Tybalt's challenges? because he is too happy and love sharing about him getting married to Juliett
5. Why does Mercutio become upset with Romeo's response to Tybalt? Because he wants Romeo to help him and get him a surgeon before he dies?
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What causes Juliet to change her mind about Romeo? Her cousin Tybalt was trying to kill him and if Romeo didn't slay Tybalt Romeo would have been dead
What troubles Juliet even more than Tybalt's death? Romeo's banishment
6. Why does Juliet wish to go to her bedroom? Because that is where she is going to meet Romeo
7. Where is Romeo hidden? Friar Lawrence's cell
Act Three Scene Three
1. How does Romeo react when Friar Lawrence tells him he will not be put to death but is instead banished from Verona?he says Ha, banishment? Be merciful and say “death.” Exile is much worse than death. Don’t say “banishment.” I don't think he wants to exiled from Verona and that he would rather be sentenced to death
2. What does Romeo mean when he says to Friar Lawrence, “Thou canst not speak of that thou dost does not feel” (line 67)? You can't speak about something that you don't know about for example if your parents are divorced and other kids are saying when your parents are divorced that it would be the best thing ever because you get 2 presents for birthday and Christmas but it's a lot worse than it seems and there's more bad than good in a divorce.
3. Why does Romeo throw himself onto the floor? Because he is lovesick and he is going to be banished from the town of Verona for

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