Dog Whistle Politics Analysis

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In “Dog Whistle Politics” Ian Haney Lopez starts off his book by first talking about how the use of the dog whistle has been used for example on page ix it is said that the words are used to “ repeat the use of blasting of criminals and welfare cheating, illegal aliens, and sharia law”. ( Lopez ix) After Mr. Lopez finishes his use of the word he goes on to not only talk about obama but the main point of the section he is writing his professor Mr. Bell and how he was right all along in his thought of white dominates and how they adapt to society. Lopez goes on to talk about how the republican party is mostly a white party and it has been record that the middle class is mostly white as well as how dog whistling is not just white people and the middle class but it is everyone that uses it. Next Ian Haney Lopez talks about the…show more content…
“Wallace, Goldwater,and Nixon recognized and sought to take advantage of existing bigotry in the voting public” (Lopez 35) Lopez states that to help one get elected one must have a plan if they want to abuse the “smaller” minded followers that might feel a little racist which is basically “hate, structural racism,and implicit bas” (Lopez 40) each just wanted to win by using the people. “Dog whistle racism is racism-- indeed, it is racism’s most poisonous core-- because it legitimizes,energizes, and stimulates the entire destructive project of racial divisions”. (Lopez 49) The government controls the middle class by tricking them to think to wreak themselves by believing that government and the rich are the greatest threat to their life and the United States. During Reagan's presidency, the US went from a place where money was given to conspiracy theories to the big idea of “think tanks” which grew as time went
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