Dolphus Desdemona's Marriage Analysis

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“Intermarriage is one of the most provocative words in the english language” (Larsson). The idea of two people that come from different racial backgrounds being in any sort of relationship with each other is very hard for many people to accept. Society has a negative attitude toward interracial relationships, and this is apparent in To Kill a Mockingbird through Dolphus Raymond’s marriage and in Othello through Othello and Desdemona's marriage. To begin, the relationship between Dolphus Raymond and his African American wife in To Kill a Mockingbird was frowned upon because of people’s negative opinions on mixed relationships. Even children from interracial relationships are not accepted because of their background. ‘They don’t belong anywhere. …show more content…

They believe this because they, themselves, are more accepting than the other party of society. They are incorrect because not everyone is as welcoming to this idea as they might be. “Our families love us and our friend are accepting. Of course it helps that we live in Los Angeles,a big city that’s had a longer time to get used to multiculturalism and interracial couples than most. Still, we experience little daily reminders of just how far we have yet to go to reach complete acceptance in this country-- a raised eyebrow here, a snarky comment there, just enough to remind us that we’re still discriminated against”(Wood). In Wood’s article “Why Interracial Love is Still Hard,” she explains that even though she and her husband have supportive friends,family, and live in an area that has had more time to accept these relationships, they still commonly experience little reminders that make them remember their relationship is still being discriminated against. Despite all the positive attitudes they have going for their relationship there will always be those people who will be rude and resistant toward their

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