Douglass Underground Railroad

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Douglass’s influence for the Underground Railroad also reflected in his book and newspaper. For example, he pointed out his position against the revealing of Underground Railroad clearly in his Narrative book, which published in 1845. He said, “ I, however, can see very little good resulting from such a course [revealing the secret of the Underground Railroad system], either to themselves or the slaves escaping; while, upon the other hand, I see and feel assured that those open declarations are a positive evil to the slaves remaining, who are seeking to escape”. (7, 87). Keeping the conductors in dark protected both the agents and the slaves, and Douglass was very serious about it. His claim reminded people to remain silence of the secret in the Underground …show more content…

3, 1847 in New York, and soon North Star became very popular in North. Even though Douglass did not want to reveal the names of the conductors, he was happy to write about the stories and news of the Underground Railroad to inspire the abolitionists. For example, on the issue of May 19, 1848 in the North Star, it described a meeting at Zion Church: the abolitionist was discussing about the Underground Railroad. It said, “This society, which is composed mostly of colored people, is instituted expressly for the management of the Underground Railroad, and to judge by the result keep its business in constant activity” (13). It indicated that the Underground Railroad would be continuous effective to help the fugitives; the abolitionists and their organization would always be the backup force for these battle of anti-slavery for the colored people. Beside the encouragement from the promises of abolitionists, the newspaper had reported many successful escape of the slaves from the South and stated the good sign of the Underground Railroad System. “We have reason to believe that the above are not all the slaves who have made their escape through our city

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