Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Newspaper Article

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a. Every Sunday morning, Mr. Enfield (the cousin of Utterson) and Mr. Utterson go for a walk in the streets of London. Until they passed a door one day. Utterson told a story about that door. One night Utterson walked in the streets of London again and he saw a strange guy walking. That really strange guy ran over a girl and Utterson went to the girl and helped her. They did walk both to a door. He got a cheque with a name on it. The name was Jekyll. He was pretty amazed. When he got the money of the bank the next day he was even more amazed. He finds out that the Mr. Hyde would inherit all of Jerkyll’s money. He decided to visit his friend Dr. Jekyll. He said that Hyde was a friend of him, and that he did promise to help Hyde. A year afterwards, Hyde did kil someone.…show more content…
When the letter did get delivered to Mr. Utterson, he said that that he could show the house of Hyde. An old woman lets them into the house and shows them the room of Hyde. But he had left that house before other people came to search him. After Hyde got into Jekyll his life, he started talking and doing a bit weird, but when Jekyll left, he started being friendly and nice. He told Utterson that the murderer (Hyde) did quit his life. A year afterwards, Jekyll started talking and doing weird again. He (Jekyll) didn’t want to see nor talk to anyone. Utterson went to Lanyon and asked him if he knew more about the problem. But he died later because he was ill. He left a letter. The letter was for Utterson. That letter would be only opened after the disappearance or death of Jekyll. A month later, the butler of Jekyll, needed help of Utterson. Because really weird things were happening in that house. Jekyll did order medication, and sent it back, because it was made of the wrong ingredients. He did lock his self in a room and did not open the
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