Allusions In Letter From Birmingham Jail

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In Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail,” he uses periodic sentences, syntax, diction, and allusions to write about his beliefs about the immense struggles African Americans experienced to gain their rights, how he views just and unjust laws, the many different influences have in their lives, and the cruel nature of the citizens, which are still prevalent today. First of all, African Americans went through immense struggles to get the rights they have today. African Americans watched their family members be innocently killed, experienced multiple cruel acts of segregation, and often felt strong resentment to the White population. For instance, Dr. King uses a periodic sentence and imagery to express the immense struggles African Americans endured to gain the …show more content…

Dr. King uses allusions when talks about the creative extremists. A creative extremist is someone who is a extremist in a unique way, whether through love, honesty, education, or intelligence. He also mentions how many people consider Jesus to be an extremist because he often spoke how we show love everyone no matter what they have done. Nevertheless, some citizens refuse to follow the laws set before all people by the government. In a way he is saying that this is a reason for the need to fight for their rights and for desegregation. They experience daily with their participation with the White population of their basic human rights. They have lots of pent-up frustration and resentment towards all White people.
In conclusion, in his “Letter From Birmingham Jail.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. uses periodic sentences, syntaxes, diction, and allusions to address his beliefs on the many struggles African Americans faced, his thoughts on just and unjust laws, influences that had an impact on African Americans, and the callous nature of the citizens, a prevalent part of society

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