Dystopian Society In The Handmaid's Tale

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In the dystopian society of Gilead, each person is assigned a role, one purpose in life. Each role plays a specific part in this totalitarian theocratic state that used to be known as the United States of America. If this were to become a reality, what would your role be? What would become of your family? Here is what I believe would become of my family, the roles each of us would play, and how we would respond if Gilead were to become a reality. I don’t believe my family would do too well in a world such as this one. First of all, we would probably do everything in our power to avoid being caught up in that world. We would probably try to flee the country just like Offred, Luke, and their daughter tried to do. My family, much like many others …show more content…

My father, for starters, is strong. I believe he would be a guard. He is very protective and brave. Worst case scenario he would be made a Commander. My younger brother, on the other hand, would play more of a role similar to Nicks. He has the gentlest soul, which would not lend him any help if he were to be a guard. I could picture him doing the yard work and being a good chauffeur. He would be the one in this society that would secretly be working for the underground Mayday resistance, fighting against the totalitarian command. For my mom, she would definitely be a Martha. She loves cooking, cleaning, and taking care of us. She would be more like Cora in The Handmaid’s Tale than Rita, hopeful and content in her role. As for me, I would rather just not have this type of world become reality. If I really had to decide or choose a role I would play, though, I would probably be either a Handmaid or a Martha. I would definitely rather be a Martha, however. The Handmaid’s lead such a boring life, and have only one purpose in life, to get pregnant. I would much rather spend my days cooking and cleaning rather than sitting in an empty room with nothing but my

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