Edgar Allan Poe Impact On The Raven

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My overall paper's research will be centered around Edgar Allan Poe, his poem The Raven, and his primary literary genre, Gothic literature. Concentrating on factors that shaped his writing throughout his life, his perspective on the proper writing style for literature, and the significance of his poem The Raven. The main literary works of Edgar Allan Poe were short stories, poetry, and critical theories. The French symbolists of the late nineteenth century, who changed the course of modern literature, were significantly influenced by his poetry and short stories. His first poem or short narrative to achieve worldwide acclaim was The Raven, which was published in 1844. My essay will discuss the impact this poem had on literature, Poe's life, …show more content…

My teacher provided me with an Edgar Allan Poe biography to use as my initial source of information. It is Edgar Allan Poe's American Writers III; the story describes his life, successes, what inspired him to write stories and poetry, as well as the things he wrote and why he wrote them. Edgar Allan Poe was the next book I used from the Gale eBook page. I read and comprehended many of his literary theories and his ideas about what makes a good literary piece through this book. It also clarifies a lot of his work, summaries, and critical reception he received. This book gave me some background information, just like the previous one did. Gothic Literature: An Overview, another eBook from the Gale website, provided me with a great deal of information on the history of gothic literature, particularly during the romantic era, which I utilized to understand my era and Poe's writing style. It provided some essential components of what Gothic writing should portray as well as the emotions it should evoke in readers. Additionally, examine how it originated and what it inspired, such as previous eras. My last study concentrated on an article, Edgar Allan Poe, that can be found on the Gale website. This piece tells more of Poe's life story and makes connections between his real-life situations and

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