Edgar Allan Poe: The Raven And The Tell Tale Heart

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Now a renowned poet, most famous for works such as “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart,” Edgar Allan Poe continues his legacy to modern times since death and a harsh and unforgiving childhood. His misfortunes carried on to early adulthood, and possibly further. People see the negativity and darkness in Poe’s lifetime through his many sensational works that continue to influence many across the globe. Although Poe’s childhood composed of deaths of his loved ones, poverty, and abandonment, he made a debut as a writer and soon collected praise from the people. Poe started his life in a run-down board house, born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. At this time, both his parents, Elizabeth and David Poe, were actors who struggled with trying to survive with the art. David Poe had had a career in the law field, but gave it up to become an actor. However, he was not successful in comparison to Poe’s mother, who was famous for her acting ability, charming voice, and model-like figure. Edgar was not yet three years old when his father abandoned the family. Elizabeth was pregnant with Rosalie, Edgar’s younger sister, and left alone to take care of herself and her sons. Eliza struggled with trying to live and eventually died of tuberculosis on December 8, 1811. After their mother’s death, the three orphaned children were separated into different homes. Edgar was sent to his godfather’s home, the home of John and Frances Valentine Allan in Richmond, Virginia. With no
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