The Raven And The Tell Tale Heart Comparison Essay

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In nature two trees can have many similarities, but they all have their own little differences. The same thing can be said for “The Tell Tale” and “The Raven” both written works by the author Edgar Allan Poe.“The Tell-Tale Heart” is a short story about an insane man who wants to murder a man just because of the old man's eye.“The Raven” is about a man who is trying to get rid of a raven in his house and takes out the anger of his dead wife on the raven Even though Edgar Allan POE’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Raven” have their differences, but also share many similarities. Both of the texts deal with the fact that if you do something to someone or something, there will be much worse consequences. For example, in the Tell-Tale Heart the narrator kills an old man and consequently, he hears the old man's heart over and over and …show more content…

In the “Tell Tale Heart, the ” the first person narrator tells us why he wants to kill the old man. He also uses the first person narrator to show the reader that the narrator is mentally ill. In the raven, the first person narrator gives us background knowledge and his motivation which is the fact that his wife is dead.In the “Tell-Tale Heart” Poe also use dialogue to show that the narrator is insane by the narrator saying that he only killed the old man because of the old man's eye.In the raven, they use dialogue to show the men thrive to get rid of the raven and to show what he is thinking throughout the passage. In the passage, he says that he is trying to get rid of the raven to get closure for his dead wife Some people might say that the theme of the raven is that you have to let go and deal with the loss of a loved one. Because of this, “The Tell-Tale Heart” is different from the tell tale heart, but in the raven, the narrator is not trying to deal with the loss he is trying to take his anger out on the raven.therefore the texts can be

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