Edna's Independence In The Awakening

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A struggle between Edna and her independence is showing in The Awakening. The Creole culture in which she lives in has an expectation for women. The expectation is the women have to adore their kids and take care of their husbands.edna does not want to abide by these guidelines. When edna figures out that she does not want to follow these standards she starts thinking more independent and about her needs and what she wants out of life. Edna’s family which consist of leonce and her two children are vacationing in La Grande Isle for the summer. Edna and Leonce marriage is one sided, Leonce loves Edna but Edna does not like him back. Leonce is focused on his job because he wants to be an ideal husband for his wife who does not return the favor. When she decides to do life on her own that troubles leonce into a frustration. An ideal husband, Leonce is admired by his peers and other people around La Grande Isle. Ladies, men and kids were knowing who he was as a person. “Mr. Pontellier was a great favorite and ladies, men and children, even nurses, were always a hand to say goodby to him.” (Chopin 8) The family of…show more content…
Acting out and being with Robert makes her feel more feeling more independent she started neglecting her job at the house. When Edna wasn 't there on a Tuesday afternoon Mr pontellier was confused. “Why, my dear, I should think you 'd understand by this time that people don 't do such things.” (Chopin 55) Frustration is what Mr. Pontellier is feeling at this point in the novella. Why does Edna act like a normal wife? A normal wife in this time period adores their children and takes care of their housework and husband. Edna does not want to be that women, she wants to be independent and not care about expectation of what society wants her to do. By Edna acting weird she is making leonce stay focused on work for more hours during the
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