Elements Of American Exceptionalism

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Nadine Sia
Professor Thompson
November 10th, 2015
You Just Don’t Understand This article was about the difference between how men and women perceive conversation. He opens up with a conversation that both parties took very differently than the other. He then goes on to explain more differences, such as status vs. support, independence vs. intimacy, advice vs. understanding, etc. “Learning the other’s ways of talking is a leap across the communication gap between men and women, and a giant step towards genuine understanding.” During my reading, I began to understand and see what the author was talking about. There are often shows and skits depicting such phenomenon between men and women. It seems that while women are analyzing information …show more content…

What makes the US different from Europe is that Europe does not have a monarchy that or a republic in which power is on the citizens.
5. Impracticable means as being impossible. This statement means that a republican government won’t prosper due to the fact that the power is given to the citizens.
6. The first chapter is practically how the US came to be. Not only that but how the US would work and how it was looked at by many nations due to its unique traits.
Chapter 2 The Elements of American Exceptionalism
1. The four elements of American Exceptionalism are its location, philosophy, and qualities of the American people and how the political system works.
2. Industriousness: the activity or manufacture.
3. It was exceptional because of the fact the ocean surrounded it. It had many resources that were necessary in order to manufacture and we were remote.
4. Turner’s theory was that many people achieve an American nationality and its traits due to the boundary that exists.
5. Approbation is used in the book as a synonym for consent.
6. Polity means society.
7. Explicit: exact or clear.
8. Three features about the US were its industriousness, which was getting a happy life through working hard; egalitarianism, which is fairness between the humans; lastly, religiosity and its …show more content…

Aristocracy is a synonym for nobility.
10. Egalitarianism is equivalence for all people.
11. What this means is that, similar to children, Americans have a habit of trusting anyone they meet.
12. Social democracy is a welfare state, which helps out people living in poverty, is very unsteady.
13. No it did not because the working class was not. It wasn’t guided by people who had the authority. Many leaders wanted power, which the lower class did not have.
14. The Americans didn’t live in a class-conscious society. They weren’t conscious of the diverse kinds of class

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