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Elie Wiesel was a motivational holocaust survivor, and a human rights activist who won the Noble Peace prize. During World War Two Elie Wiesel and his family was captured by the Nazi soldiers and sent the concentration camps. At some point in the concentration camp he lost both of his parents and sister. They were put in the crematorium. They were only being punished for being what they are. He witnesses many casualties, and sufferings. He felt that everyone abandoned him. The things that he went through was horrific, but through it all he survived. He wants to let the whole world know the horrific horrors that he survived, and to ensure that everyone knows the purpose of his speech, that indifference causes confusion and destruction. The purpose of this speech was to ensure that everyone show benevolence for the victims who have suffered horrible things all over the world. His goal is to make sure that no one shows indifference towards anyone. Indifferences solves absolutely nothing. It leaves people ignorant. They believe that if they ignore what is going around them, it will prevent them from getting in someone’s else’s business. Elie does not want us to get into someone else’s business, but he wants us to see what life is like in…show more content…
He stood firmly in what he believed in. He wanted to show the whole world that indifference is a corrupt word. It solves nothing. It only makes things worse. They would continue to hurt and make people suffer. Elie goal is to help others understand that life on the other side is different. When we watch tv or read a magazine, we see all types of injustice going on, but what do we do about it? Some people will feel the hurt and others would not even bother to show sympathy. It is not like you have to ignore what is going on in this world, but to remember others who have fought to bring peace into this changing

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