Elie Wiesel Visual Techniques

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I have chosen two moments to base my creative pieces on. The first moment, I have chosen is when Bruno assumes the prisoners of the concentration camp are farmers, in which his father responds by saying “They’re not people at all”. I chose to represent this by presenting the views on how Bruno and his father looked at the concentration camp. On the left hand side of sketch up, shows Bruno’s view of the concentration camp; as he believes it is a farm with ordinary people. But, beside that is the view of Bruno’s father, with the actual concentration camp and inside there is germs, to symbolize that Bruno’s father saw the Jews as pest that should be killed. The reason, I chose this moment in the text is because Bruno’s assumption of the prisoners …show more content…

This moment is shown on my drawing. In my drawing shows the two rivalling parties; the Jews on the left and across the fence is the Nazi party. In the drawing, the background and the nature are all coloured in brown and there is marks of bloodshed in the ground. This was done, to represent that the war between the Jews and the Nazi did nothing more than destroy people’s lives. The withered flowers on the ground also contribute to the factor of disappointment. Furthermore, the drawing also represents the characteristics of human nature. This is shown by how the Nazi are carrying weapons and are happy in killing Jews, which represents a human’s capacity to be evil. But Bruno and Shmuel represent the goodness of humans, and that humans have the potential to be kind and caring. Moreover, this drawing also symbolizes the friendship between Shmuel and Bruno; this is shown by the drawing of half of Schmuel’s body and half of Bruno’s Body to make up a person. Bruno and Shmuel exist in two completely different worlds but share a mutual desire for companionship during a difficult and lonely time. Despite of their different circumstances, Bruno and Shmuel forge a meaningful friendship. As their friendship develops, it is tested on many occasions as the boys navigate their individual

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