The 1906 Earthquake: Emma Burke's Perspective

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The Massive Earthquake

The earthquake in 1906 was one of the most tragic things that happened in history . Mainly approximately 3,000 people died in this natural disaster .Also a woman named ¨Emma Burke ¨ was one of the survivors to live to write her story . Also the is a story that tells the reader about the 1906 earthquake .The name of that book is called ¨Dragonwings ¨

The disaster was really bad for those who lost their lives and to those who were injured . During this time it made it hard for people to survive because of all the smoke and to those who lost their houses in the fire

Because they had different purposes for writing, Emma Burke’s point of view of the 1906 earthquake was that nothing really happened to anyone , while Moon …show more content…

In “Comprehending the Calamity,” she says, “The line formed for cold water. Each had his turn. A man would argue for a drink for his wife, and look down the long line of Americans, Japanese, Negroes, Chinese, and all sorts and degrees of men, women, and children.

This proves her point of view is description because in the text she mentions stuff about how it was different races other than just white and tang people in the line .
She also says, ““Yes, but that moment belongs to someone else,” replied my husband, with that fierce look from his old military days that I knew covered the softest heart in the world.

This proves her point of view is description because of when she was talking about how she looked into her husbandś eyes and seend that he was upset about something and helped him get over it afterwards .
In conclusion, what Ms.Burke is trying to say is that people can help others overcome hard times even when they are going through hard time also but in the end everything works out
In Dragonwings, the narrator Moon Shadow’s point of view of the 1906 earthquake was people are badly hurt in the aftermath of the

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