Emotinal Burdens In The Things They Carried

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“Only the dead have seen the end of war.”-Plato . As we read through the book we relize that soldiers have too much emotional truam due to the trumatic experiences they have gone through. These trumatic experience has caused soldiers to carry emotinal burdens when they come back home to society. In the novel “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien shares his experience as a soldier in the Vietnam war and shows how much the war causes someone to carry emotional burdens. The mini stories that are within the novel expresses what it is like to be a soldier in the Vitenam war and the personal experiences of the soliders. Throughout "The Things They Carried" by Tim O’Brien, soldiers often blame themselves for the things they have experienced while …show more content…

[Insert Body Paragraphs Here]- Because Jimmy Cross is the lieutenat and the leader of the group he feels responsible for the death of his soldiers. While the soldiers were looking for a spot to spend the night, LT Cross decided to stop in a sewage field which led to Kiowa’s death. When Cross was standing over Kiowa he had felt that is was his fault, “Jimmy Cross stood very still, afraid to move, yet knowing he had to, and then he murmured to himself, "My fault," and he nodded and waded out across the field toward the boy” (169). Since Jimmy Cross balmes himself for the death of not only one of his soldiers but also his friend, he feels as if he needs to take full responsibility for Kiowa's death. Despite Cross's fear, he knows that he must move on and take action for the other soldiers. When Jimmy nods he acknowledges that he was resopnisble for what happened. This shows that even when soldiers face tragedy and guilt, they are still there to lead their team and …show more content…

Due to this when they return home they take with them the emotional burdens they got from the war. As Jimmy Cross thinks he is responsible for the death of his firend and soldier Kiowa he thinks that he is not fit for his job anymore. But after he has processed through the greef of Kiowa he relizes that even when he faces tragedy he still needs to be there for his team. Emotional burden does not stop when you stop fighting in the war, it comes with you when you return home and that is what happened to Bowker. When he returned home he felt very alone and felt very numb because of what he went through, this caused him to end his life. This is a very real issue in the world today, soldiers tend to blame themsevles in order to cope with what they have experienced. Because of what they have gone through many soldiers come back with PTSD and feel alone because no one knows what exactly they have gone through resulting in them ending their

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