Enlightenment Dbq Essay

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In the time of the Enlightenment Period many changes were happening in society. In the late 17th and 18th century people called The Philosophers, met in French salons and English drawing rooms to discuss what they believed in. They made many great things happen and strived their best to make what they believed in something possible. The Enlightenment Philosophers imagined they could change the ways of society in many ways. They concluded that they could improve the laws, rights of women, religious rights, and also economic rights. John Locke believed that laws should change for the better. He wants people to be treated equally and everyone should be free to do as they please. “There [is] nothing more evident, than that creatures of the same species and rank… should also be equal one amongst one another. But the state of mankind is not so miserable that they are not capable of using this remedy… they have not only a right to get out of [a failed government], but to prevent it.” Locke states that it is unfair that all people of the same species are treated differently. He also believes that its not the politicians job to make decisions for themselves and if the government fell, he believes the people could easily get right back up. …show more content…

“To render [make] mankind more virtuous, and happier of course, both sexes must act from the same principle,... For they are now made so inferior by ignorance and low desires, as not to deserve to be ranked with them…” Mary believed that if men and women were given the same education as men and also treated the same, women would be just as superior as men. Although, she did think this was a very difficult argument because women are ranked so

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