Enormous Wings Figurative Language

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The author takes us on a magical journey of a spiritual man with wings. Betrothed in imagination, it is imagery and symbolism that are the literary devices in the story. A bird-like character is described to be an angel, who is not what others would think an angel would appear to symbolize. Ironically, the fairy tale is no normal fairy tale and ends up being a carnival of fantasy filled with conflict to an outcast. In "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the main point is that the people perceived the old man without knowledge of actually giving him a chance; we know this because of the conflicts uncovered with the assumptions, immorality, and lack of faith. The story leads the readers to believe the old man with enormous wings could be a fallen angel, but the people around the angel make assumptions he’s not without giving…show more content…
Perhaps the main reason people perceived the old man without knowledge was that people are too blind to see beyond the ugliness and beauty. Society had a painted vision of what an angel should look like and all they should know what to do. Dancing and smiling the angel is beautiful, white, graceful and peaceful. However, the angel was filthy and he did not have the courtesy from others because of the assumptions he was less of a human. Too many times people are quick to judge others and lack moral values. People are also blind and do not have an abundant faith. Although the angel did end up healing and demonstrating miracles throughout the tale, the community stilled lacked in faith and evil dominated sin. A story like this should remind people under no circumstances to judge anyone how they appear to the eye. Individuals are all exceptional in his or her
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