Errors In Ambulatory Essay

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Most of us probably cannot recall a world without internet, cellphones, and laptops. Technology has transformed the world we live in today. Undoubtedly, technology has changed the way health care is delivered. Electronic prescribing allows prescribers to send prescriptions electronically and directly to the pharmacy. E-prescribing has been demonstrated to reduce prescribing errors in outpatient settings. In a research article titled Electronic prescribing within an electronic health record reduces ambulatory prescribing errors, a study was done to assess the effectiveness of e-prescribing within an electronic health record in preventing prescribing errors in ambulatory settings. I found this article by typing in the key words electronic prescribing in the …show more content…

I recommend that outpatient practices that still remain paper-based to transition to electronic prescribing. According to the article, most prescribing errors occur in community-based outpatient settings. Community-based practices also have the lowest rates of e-prescribing use. If more outpatient practices adopt e-prescribing, the number of prescribing errors would dramatically be reduced. Although the effects of e-prescribing seem promising, this was one of the only few studies that have been done to prove its effectiveness in outpatient setting. I would recommend more studies to be conducted to convince more health care practices of the effectiveness of e-prescribing. Technological advances have improved patient safety and quality of care. E-prescribing is a technological development that can contribute to patient safety by reducing prescribing errors. The Food and Drug Administration receives about 300 medication errors a month. This number can be reduced if all health care settings are adopters of e-prescribing. Our solution to medication errors is here, it is just a matter of implementing it into our

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