Argumentative Essay: The Advantages Of E-Prescription

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The advantages of e-Prescription

Prescriptions are a crucial cog in the treatment and recovery machinery. In the aftermath of the treatment under the watchful eye of the medical practitioner, prescriptions become the means to receive properly administered drugs towards recuperation and a healthy existence. However, the sanctity of a prescription may be disturbed under certain conditions. They are:
Legibility of the prescription, whereby pharmacies may comprehend the wrong dose, or the wrong medicine, thereby subjecting patients to the unfortunate event of an erred medicinal reaction.
The lack of knowledge of patient history, while prescribing drugs, with regards to allergies or existing ongoing medications may render patients vulnerable to yet another possibility of bad medicinal reaction.

These are some of the visible drawbacks of the traditional method of prescriptions – a system that has been long considered vulnerable to the flaws of the very participants of the process. However, there is a way to eliminate the possibilities of medical faux pax. As long as medicines are digitally prescribed, and accessed directly at the dispensing pharmacies, the room, for errors, is vastly reduced, as we …show more content…

It can also be connected with the Electronic Health Record, or EHR, of the patient. EHR carries patient medical history, thereby making the process even more full proof. According to this table collated by the American Medical Association, though the cost of a stand alone system is about 10 times cheaper than the e-prescribing incorporated with the EHR (or EMR) system, and the implementation itself may be more convoluted since the incorporation, with EHR, requires a multi-level integration, the overall patient safety and productivity efficiency is much higher than the stand alone

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