Essay On Abortion Should Be Illegal

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How would you feel if someone took away your rights to your own body? The topic of abortion has been a very controversial debate for centries. Many of the people who argue against abortions are not always aware of the harmful outcomes that could come from banning them. If abortion became illegal in all 50 states, this would increase the amount of illegal abortions. Some might want to make abortions illegal in all 50 states because they feel that babies feel the pain during the process, and that they are tarnishing a completely harmless infant. Some should consider though that banning abortions won 't stop women from having them, they 'll then resort to going to an uneducated individual to have the procedure done. Also their should not be a law telling women what they can and can 't do with their bodies. Abortion should remain legal because fetuses are incapable of feeling pain during the process, banning abortions would increase the amount of illegal abortions, and banning them would limit women 's rights During abortions, most people think that fetuses feel the pain during the process. Studies show that most fetuses don 't feel pain. Sometimes, every now and then one might feel pain, but it is not likely. The cortex does not become functional until at least the 26th week of a fetus ' development, long after most abortions are…show more content…
Some states have already made abortion legal. Banning abortions would do more harm than good not only for women but everyone around them as well. It is pretty clear that abortion should remain legal because it is the best outcome for the people making that choice. After all in the end getting an abortion wouldn´t effect anyone else in the end but the woman, so why should someone decide what she should do for her? After all this is a free country, so why should this be treated
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