Essay On African Americans During Ww2

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During WWII in the US, US citizens were involved in racial aggression. Just before this US citizens were attacking minority groups. However now, minority groups got attacked much more than before due to WWII. Additionally, the minority groups saw this as an opportunity to prove themselves as equals. Although the US was a savior in WWII with its minority groups helping the war effort, behind the scenes the minorities were treated very poorly due to racism, hysteria, and discrimination. Racism was a significant part of what minority groups went through during WWII. For example, African Americans like the Tuskegee airmen were segregated from the rest of the army due to racism. They still went out of their way to become of of the best air squadrons in WWII to prove they deserved equality but didn't get acknowledgment for it. In addition, the 442nd regiment of Japanese Americans faced extreme racism with no acknowledgment of what they did because they were a racial minority. These Japanese American fighters still went out and proved their loyalty to the US by becoming the most decorated regiment in WWII. Racism was a significant part of this war as it involved every single minority and they were all treated very poorly because of this racism. …show more content…

For example, Japanese-Americans were taken out of their homes into internment camps because they were an alleged threat to national security. These internment camps were not very well run and were like a prison with barbed fences and guards not letting them out. The US citizens fed into this hysteria and didn't give any Japanese-Americans jobs because they thought they were dangerous to the country. Citizens saw the Japanese-Americans as traitors even tho they had no involvement in the war. This means that hysteria led to many US citizens visiting Japanese-Americans as enemies just because of the events of pearl harbor which they weren’t involved

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