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Bobby Richardson is an ordinary name but it's someone with not so ordinary skills. Bobby Richardson was a young boy with potential he was the best second basemen ever. First off, he was a 8 time all star, 3 time world series,5 time golden glove, And a World Series MVP. He was the best of his time and I claim he was the best second baseman in the American MLB in the 1960’s. Let's start off with his golden glove award and a little bit about him. He played for the New York Yankees from 1955-1966 as a second baseman. He had 40 hits in the world series which puts him at #13 on the record for most hits in a world series. As for the golden glove he won a total of 4 which is one of the best for that age in time.The years he won the golden glove award …show more content…

His World Series times and what happened during the times.Bobby Richardson and the 1960 New York Yankees went to the world series 3 times. His first World Series was won in 1958. His second was lost in 1960 but a very special thing happened that year at the world series for Bobby Richardson. And his final world Series was won in 1962. He was a very very good player he even was the MVP for the 1960 World Series. In 1962 the World Series was played against the San Francisco Giants and the New York Yankees won it in game four of the series. There were people that voted him into the Hall of Fame three times but they were after he played so he had retired and then people said he should be in the hall of fame. The recommendations for the hall of fame were in 1972, 1973, 1974. All of the awards together was one of the best for the time he was playing baseball and it was a big deal if you got that many All Star game awards. His two major awards were his 1960 WS MVP and in 1963 he got the Lou Gehrig Memorial Award which was also a very big deal. The Lou Gehrig award was The Lou Gehrig Memorial Award is given annually to a Major League Baseball (MLB) player who best exhibits the character and integrity of Lou Gehrig, both on the field and off it. And was a very honorably award if you got it and Bobby Richardson got it which means he must have been an amazing person on and off

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