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Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb it a film from 1964 that satirizes the Cold War and nuclear war. The perfect mix of comedy and seriousness that never loses focus or becoming boring. Being able to hold a person’s attention can be hard for movies to do, but Dr. Strangelove has the ability to do that with its brilliant directing and acting throughout it. United States Air Force General Jack Ripper who commands an air force base, which controls a certain group of planes, all which hold B-52 bombs. The planes are stationed a few hours from the Soviet Union borders. Jack Ripper orders Captain Mandrake of the United Kingdom Royal Air Force to send a message to the planes. The message was Plan R, which stated that they were to attack bases in the Soviet Union and turn off the regular radio, so that they were only able to receive messages through the CRM 114 which could only be done after putting in a three letter code that only General Ripper knows. Captain Mandrake discovers that the order hadn’t been issued from the pentagon and …show more content…

Strangelove is a satirical comedy representing the fears people had during the Cold War. People assumed that with all the nuclear weapons at the time, the world would come to an end. It satirized peoples fear of what could happen. Although, only the president is able to issue orders to start a war, it shows the peoples fear that what if any other officer in the army was able to make an order such as this. All it would take was one person whose mind wasn’t perfect; all it would take was on mentally ill person for the world to come to a possible end. This film is able to take these concepts and satirize them in a way that becomes comical, after watching this movie, it can put some of these peoples fear to rest because they realize such things are almost impossible. Peoples minds tend to think the worst situations possible before any other conclusions, and this film puts some of those situations to

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