Women's Roles In The Late 1900s

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America in the 19th century was, as for most of its history, divided sharply between rural and urban environments. Women on farms in Indiana and working in factories in the cities were expected to behave in fairly different manners. But while there lives were different, the struggle for equality became important for both.
For so many women in history, being equal was something of value and of importance to them, but every time “equality” was brought up, it was just ignored. In the first document, “Women's Roles in the Late 1900s” talks about what women were expected to do and how their lives were “tied to house and children, endlessly unacknowledged work, little opportunity for outside contact or variety of experience, and little relief from everyday triviality.” It discusses how women were encouraged to do these things and how they had to do them because they were the only ones capable of actually doing these things. …show more content…

It implies that each individual was created equal, no matter what race or gender the individual is. But this is highly contradicted because despite the inalienable rights each individual is born wit, they are not allowed to pursue them especially if the individual is a woman. According to society and their views, a woman is useless when it comes to other daily activities that doesn't involve work. It clearly states what women cannot due because of their gender and it also states the rights that they are deprived from expressing, which clearly shows the majority, just because they are a

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