Women's Role In The Early 1800s

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For decade women have been discriminated by society, all around the world. In many countries women are still treated as the inferior sex. “daily life for women in the early 1800s in Europe(Britain), was that of many obligations and few choices. Some even compare the conditions of women in time as a form of slavery.” (Smith, Kelley. "Lives of Women in the Early 1800s." Lives of Women in the Early 1800s. N.p., 2002.) Women have always been expected to find a husband, get marry and have children and nothing less was expected of them. Women during decades ago and even today in 2017, many women live by the norm that if you don’t get marry you’re a dishonor/disgrace to the family. Many men treated women as objects and without a doubt not as equals. …show more content…

Men didn’t respect women; they didn’t give them the value they deserved. Women played a big role in the eighteenth century in Europe. According to (Liberty Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution." Chapter 5 Page 3. N.p., n.d. Web) “Olympe de Gouges took literally the title of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, saying that it did not apply to women and drafting her own Declaration of Rights of Woman, in which she demanded a representative institution for women.” The rights were meant for women and men, but it didn’t apply to women, they were completely ignored as if they didn’t exist. Many women just wanted equality, to make their own decisions, and to have more liberty. The women played a big role because they started the women rights movement. “The women’s suffrage movement was the struggle for the right of women to vote and run for office and is part of the overall women’s rights movement. In the mid-19th century, women in several countries—most notably, the U.S. and Britain—formed organizations to fight for suffrage. In 1888, the first international women’s rights organization formed, the International Council of Women (ICW). Because the ICW was reluctant to focus on suffrage, in 1904 the International Woman Suffrage Alliance (IWSA) was formed by British women’s rights activist Millicent Fawcett, American activist Carrie Chapman Catt, and other leading women’s rights activists.” (Women's Suffrage Movement." HistoryNet. N.p., n.d. Web.) Women now a day play a huge role today, not only because they can now vote, but because they’re more independent and have the freedom that they always

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