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Hypochondriasis, or more commonly know as hypochondria, affects many people. Hypochondriasis is the obsession with the idea of having a serious but undiagnosed medical condition. Everyday people suffer from this, sometimes without even knowing it. That being said, our society needs to know how it affects everyday life, how to treat it, and that patients who suffer from this are not alone. This being said there is a lot to be learned that is not already known about hypochondriasis.

The effects of hypochondriasis do not only affect the patient, but also everyone involved around the patient. “Many people with hypochondriasis are disabled because of their problem. They can’t function very well in work, school, or family settings.” (Abramowitz). “Most people occasionally fear they have an …show more content…

She has searched the web since her caretakers will no longer take her calls and has come to this conclusion on her own that she has a brain tumor. Donna is now considered to have hypochondriasis. (Abramowitz) It is not only ordinary people who suffer through hypochondriasis though. Charles Darwin is a famous Biologist who died in 1882. He was known to have hypochondriasis also. (Bergman) It is important to know that anyone going through this is not alone and in reality anyone can contract hypochondriasis.

In conclusion, hypochondriasis is a serious mental disorder that is suffered by patients everyday of their lives. This is a disorder that a patient will have for all of their life most likely. Hypochondriasis is a disorder that need mental and emotional support. Even though it may seem like an unlikely or not so bad thing, it can happen to anyone and will completely take over whoevers life it strikes at. An obsession is very hard and unlikely to overcome. Hypochondriasis is a mental disorder that is mostly overlooked, but should be taken as seriously as any other mental disorder or

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