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The Forgotten Pharaoh Throughout the centuries people have wondered what life was like in ancient times, and how ancient people lived and how they came up with many things we still use today. Many famous people in ancient times started movements to better understand the world around us. Some ancient peoples, like ancient pharaohs of Egypt, shaped and made countries what they are today and are a big part of that country 's history. For example, the pharaoh Tutankhamun was a lost part of ancient Egyptian history. He is one of many pharaohs who helped shape Egypt into what it is today. Now, King Tutankhamun has become the most well known Egyptian pharaoh all around the world. After the discovery of his tomb, the contents revealed what the ancient…show more content…
One of the biggest changes Akhenaten made was shifting the primary worship away from the god Amun, and focused on the god of the sun, Aten. His father also ordered the images of other Egyptian gods be destroyed, which upset many Egyptians. After giving the order to destroy all images, Akhenaten also had the temples of the different gods destroyed or closed. Although the Egyptian people were probably happy to hear of Akhenaten’s death, his young son was not ready to ascend to the throne (“King Tut”…show more content…
Though Carter was focused on getting inside the rest of the tomb, he noted that the doorway had been sealed three different times. These findings lead Carter to the conclusion that the tomb had been robbed in the past. Carter and other archeologists even noted that king Tut’s tomb was not decorated and did not have many of the grand features of a normal pharaoh’s tomb. Though the tomb was quickly constructed, Carter’s discoveries proved that King Tut’s tomb was the greatest ancient Egyptian tomb ever discovered (“KV62” 1). Carter still had plenty of work to do though, to prove that this was the greatest tomb ever

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