Essay On Loss Of Innocence In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird shows how Jem, Scout and Boo overcome their loss of innocence and overcome the struggles that Maycomb county and its people throw at them. While Jem, Scout, are just rudimentary kids they face some real world problems and they witness some of the harsh ways people did things but witnessing those things and hearing all the judgemental people is also a detriment to their innocence. The first person to lose their innocence is Boo (Arthur) Radley. He loses his innocence because of the judgemental people in Maycomb. The people in Maycomb are mostly zealots and describe him as a terrible person who has done terrible things but the people saying this story truly don’t know what happened. They just know the myths …show more content…

Scout lost her innocence when she was exposed to all the racism and hate most people of Maycomb had for her father like when all the kids at school were being mean and saying the racist things they heard they’re parents say about atticus defending Tom and her asking the question “do you defend n-word?” and Atticus explaining why he did and teaching her it isn’t okay to refer to people like that even tho she was eqivocate on the meaning of it. The next reason I have for Scout losing her innocence is when she is at the trial and she wants atticus to win “ I shut my eyes. Judge Taylor was polling the jury: guilty.... guilty.... guilty….” (pg. 282) and it turns out he loses because Tom is black and that’s when she realizes that it isn’t fair and a black person not getting a fair trial is a sham and it’s pretty reprehensible for white people to treat black people that way. These three characters show you that losing your innocence can be pretty hard living in this unfair world. For Boo,Jem or Scout losing their innocence can be a major impact in your life because the loss of innocence also means growing up or in Boos case realizing the truth. But losing your innocence isn’t as easy anymore, but this novel teaches the importance and life changes people go through losing their

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