Essay On Martin Luther King Letter From Birmingham Jail

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1. Who is Martin Luther King,Jr. addressing in his “ Letter from a Birmingham Jail”? He was a leader in the African- American civil right movement, president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an organization operating in every southern state, and he would like to travel place to place to preach the gospel of freedom. Because of him, millions of African-American declare their right to vote. He argues that the justices system violent their dignity, equal opportunities, and human personality. In Addition, He asserts that we are not the out sider and every colored people deserve every rights and we have no place for outside agitator. Said King. He is a mouth for speechless people and he is an ear for those who revoked their rights by the corrupted justice system. 2. How Does King distinguish between a just and an unjust law? In Birmingham city colored people suffered with unlawful treatments so King and his eighty- five affiliated organizations strongly oppose the humiliation of colored people in their country. The court treats colored people unlawfully and put them in jail for no …show more content…

Through peaceful demonstration, King tried to bring change in the society. In the past, colored people have waited for more than 340 years to declare their freedom, said King. Martin Luther King’s desire is to see all human kinds to be respect and love one another. The segregation create huge wall between colored and other people so he wants to narrow the gap. When colored people wants to go the hotel or other places, the owners wouldn’t allow them to enter into their premises so he wants the next generation entitled to work, go to school, or to do anything equally with white people. Therefore, he was organizing peaceful demonstration to raise attention so that the government accept their questions or

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