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Michael Gordon Peterson is not a person you'd ever want to find yourself stuck in a room with. You'd best never call him by that name or he will break your teeth and hold you hostage and make absurd demands as a joke. According to this monster of a man, Michael Peterson died. Bronson's the name now. Charles Bronson. He holds the title of Britain's most violent prisoner. Bronson had been born under his "prior" name on December 6th, 1951, in Luton, Bedfordshire, England to Joe and Eira Peterson. He grew up a normal childhood. He had been a bright child who had been good with children according to friends and family. "He was gentle and mild mannered, never a bully - he would defend the weak," said his aunt Eileen Parry. His aunt and her husband …show more content…

He loved it. He was first put in solitary confinement for attacking two inmates without being provoked. Another time he attacked a few officers because he didn't want to do the task assigned to him. Attack after attack after attack was life for Michael Peterson. Beatings were regular for him as guards struggled to calm the bear down. He was moved countless times to different prisons all over England. He received divorce papers form Irene in 1977 while he rested, recovering from ghastly injuries sustained in a brawl with more guards. He started a rigorous fitness regime, and even wrote a book about it. Peterson continued to be a problematic prisoner for quite some time until after so many instances and moves, he was declared criminally insane and was sent to Broadmoor Asylum. He met the "Kray Twins" who were very notorious British gangsters. He described them as the best guys he'd ever met. He was then moved to Rampton. He spent his days there in misery, constantly drugged up to calm him down and being forced to sit with the "loonies". He detested the "loony bin" and decided he needed to go back to prison. He then tried to strangle a child sex murderer named John White to prove that he was sane and knew what he was doing. White somehow survived the strangulation, but nonetheless Peterson was sent to Broadmoor. Things started to heat up even more. At Broadmoor, Peterson began his "rooftop escapes" in which he'd climb up to a rooftop and …show more content…

During his time spent on the other side of the fence, he engaged in an illegal bare knuckle boxing ring and claimed to have killed a Rottweiler with his bare hands. It was then when Peterson decided to be born again. His manager suggested a new name. A fighting name. A movie star name. Charles Bronson was his choice, from the movie Death Wish. On the 69th day he was arrested after trying to impress his girlfriend by robbing a jewelry store. He tried to get her a ring. Michael Peterson did not return to prison, Charles Bronson did, and he was meaner than ever. Upon entrance into the big house, he started another reign of terror. He took a governor hostage. He started even more fights. One time he took a librarian hostage and demanded that he get a helicopter and an inflatable doll. No prison wanted him, but the governor of Hull believed that Bronson would behave himself if given the chance. Bronson took him hostage. In 1996 he took two Iraqi terrorists and a third individual hostage after one of them bumped into him and didn't apologize. He forced the hostages to tickle his feet and call him "general". He demanded an Uzi sub-machinegun, ammunition, a helicopter to Cuba and a cheese sandwich. He eventually felt bad and let them off the hook. Later into his prison career he decide to become "artistic". He started writing poetry and books and started drawing and making art pieces. He wrote a whole book of poems that came out of

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