Essay On Postpartum Depression In The Yellow Wall

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“The Yellow Wall-Paper” I believe that her she was having Postpartum Depression after she had her child. She would be considered to have Temporary Nervous Depression, merely because she wanted to be with her newborn but that right was taken away by John. I believe that John thought he was helping her by putting her in an enclosed area for her well being. Not understanding the fact that the time she was alone for so long can make her more depressed and feel alone. When Charlotte first saw the house she really loved it, but she had a weird feeling about it. When I was reading, I felt like the house was considered an insane asylum, but wasn’t registered as one. Jenny and John found the place and corresponded. John telling Jenny he has an ill family member and …show more content…

He just shrugged it off and said they can’t just leave when they rented out 3 months of the house. Towards the end of the story, I felt like the house was haunted but on the back of my mind, I kept thinking that what if she has a separate personality. Since she has been in the same house for 3 months and her only human contact was Jenny and John. She never saw her kids. In the same sense, she doesn’t even know where her kids are. I felt that since it was raining outside, the water got into the walls making them start to grow mold. When I said, she might have another personality, what if she was starting to feel alone and paranoid about the wallpaper. There were many times where she tried to talk to John and ask if they can go and take a break and go visit family members. She would be alone at certain times in the day when John is at work when John is at work. Charlotte would write in a journal and talk about her feelings and thoughts. The ending of the story made me really thinking about the story. I feel like I will have to re-read to fully understand what was really going on or what she was telling the

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