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Shakespeare’s Macbeth is an eventful play that is incorporated with witchcraft. In the time of the Scottish Play, real black magic and paranormal witchcraft was said to be existent. Rumor has it that the play has a curse placed on it from real witches from Shakespeare’s time. The play Macbeth has to do with witches in Shakespeare’s time, how to avoid the curse, and examples of what harm the curse has caused.
In Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, witches had a large influence upon how the story ended up going. They were able to do this through their multiple abilities. Some of them being to guide course of events, predict the future, creating visions, etc. In the play, the witches were commonly incorporated with “demonic forces”. One reason this may be, has to do with their evil fortune for Macbeth. They left Macbeth with a riddle which then lead him to “profound” actions. Another note about the witches is that Shakespeare had created a scene of them doing real magic. This is what people think had caused real witches to place a curse on the play. The witches were offended (“Supernatural”).
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Multiple different examples of the curse in action has been recorded over the years. The first happened in 1606 where the actor playing Lady Macbeth mysteriously died the night before opening show. After that happened King James I had banned the play for a couple years. The curse is said to have most times gone after the actor playing Lady Macbeth in particular. Another paranormal happening with the play was in 1849 where some sort of spell consumed the audience. A riot had formed and it left thirty dead. In 1942 three actors had died the day before opening show. Along with that, the costume designer committed suicide the day of the play. The curse has caused a lot of violence throughout the years of Macbeth’s existence; these are only some examples

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