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In world history A we learned about things dating back from 2600 BCE- 18th century Before the dark ages in europe there were three main classical civilizations, India, China, and Rome. Rome was so dominant because they had great military tactics, another thing was there great leader Julius Caesar who forced the senate to make him dictator. Next was India who contained the powerful Mauryan Empire led by Asoka, who had a huge influence in the spread of buddism. Lastly is China, which contained the QIn and the zhou dynasty. Also, confucius had a great influence on the development of social order and political organization. It was a time in european history when people did not make many advances as a civilization. This occured after the roman…show more content…
It was a rebirth from the darks ages in Europe. During the Renaissance there were major developments in Art, writing and intelligence. A important invention called the printing press was invented to help make more books after there were barely any books during the dark ages. Also, the Reformation was when people began to read and make their own decisions and was a decline in the power of the Catholic Church. The two main gunpowder empires were the Ottoman and Safavid empires. First the Ottomans. In 1520 they had a great leader named Sultan Suleiman he was a brilliant general and had a modernized army, also he extended the Ottoman rule into the Middle East and into Europe. Next gunpowder empire was the Safavid empire. They too had a great leader in Sha Abbas he helped centralize government, he made alliances with the Ottomans, and he tolerated non-muslims. The golden age of China came after the Mongols fell in the 15th century. The Mongols were one of the most dominant empires in history, they tore through China,India, Russia, Byzantium, Italy, Germany, and parts of the Spanish Empire. There great ruler Genghis Khan was a big factor in there dominance. After the mongols fell, China became the most advanced society, and with help from Zheng He China began to explore the world. This resulted in cultures connecting around the world. Major

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