Essay On The Narrator's Madness In The Yellow Wallpaper

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Madness often occurs when somebody desires something that is not accessible to them. When somebody cannot have what they want most, they can go insane yearning for it. For example, if an individual struggling with alcoholism attempts to go sober, they will likely experience withdrawal symptoms because their body is so used to having alcohol that it has forgotten how to function without it. During this withdrawal period, the individual may crave alcohol to the point that their psychological instincts take over and they will do absolutely anything for a drink. In The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the narrator goes insane in her longing for freedom. Throughout the story, the narrator’s insanity serves as a catalyst for her freedom …show more content…

Firstly, the story is a journal that the narrator is writing while being treated with the rest cure, which she keeps a secret from her husband, sister and others who come to visit her. As the journal progresses, the narrator’s writing demonstrates her fall to insanity. In the beginning, the narrator sees her journal is an adequate method of escape from her illness and her situation. As the narrator’s mind grows more and more crazed, she develops an urge to physically escape from the room that she is isolated in, which occurs at the end of the story. The narrator’s journaling was simply a small step that contributed to her ultimate freedom. Secondly, throughout the story, the narrator describes seeing an evolving woman trapped inside of the wall. Although readers can assume that this woman is merely a product of the narrator’s mind, the woman can also be seen as a symbol of the narrator and her feelings of being trapped. Eventually, the woman in the wall aids the narrator in her escape. In conclusion, many elements of the narrator’s increasing madness throughout The Yellow Wallpaper contributed to her freedom from the confines of the room, the confines of society, and the confines of her

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