Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Pre-Trail Release

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This paper is to help show how sometimes judges can be Bias or inherent in the amount of bail set and other restrictions for pre-trial release while showing the concept of bail what can be done to prevent arbitrary and potentially prejudiced decisions from being made in the courtroom when it comes to bail by the judge, Also discuss the pros and cons of private vs. public defense. Introduction This paper will show the pros and cons of pre-release and define pre-trail release and bond, arbitrary. bond types also look into the factors of bail amounts a judge looks at to determine how much the defendant’s bail is and a few ways to prevent arbitrary and potentially Prejudice decisions from being made in the court by judges. Although it’s been shown that some judges are bias when it comes to pre-trail release to some …show more content…

That’s when is released from jail while the criminal case is pending. Usually begging with a bond which is a contract between bondsmen and defendant’s the defendant pays to get out of jail. There are three types of bonds personal recognizance bond this type is when a defendant promises they will show up to court also known as release on recognizance or (ROR) this is when the defendant is seen as reliable and has roots in the community. Since you can’t do that with every defendant another type of bails bond is a cash bond used in many states the defendant will have to post ten percent of the bail amount in cash with the court. Last but not least the most common type of bails bond used surety, Surety bond makes sure you show up to your court dates. There’s also advantages to pre-trail release and cons, pros if you can show the judge you can follow rules while on bond maybe give the defendant less time when they come back to court or get probation. While if you did the opposite the judge would give you a harsher

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