Essay On The Role Of Women In The Odyssey

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In Ancient Greece, women were objectified, and had no authority. They were disrespected by men, and thought as lesser than their male counterparts. The structure of civilization during that time was organized and controlled by men, and women held an inferior position in society. Society was formed as though women were existent, only to serve the men. A womans level of involvement in any circumstance was entirely dominated by the allowance from male authority. In the epic poem The Odyssey the author Homer was put in the unique position of portraying women in a light they had not been seen in before. Women in The Odyssey function as both obstacles and guides, and are contrastingly portrayed as both powerful and subservient.

Women in The Odyssey, are contrastingly portrayed as both almighty gods, and powerless mortals. The goddesses play very controlling, and demanding roles in the epic. The role of the goddesses is to be a supernatural force, that use their power to help mortals. The most powerful being Athena, she uses her power selectively to help odysseus throughout the epic. She is the Goddess of war and battle, so she understands Odysseus’ struggles. She is a master of disguise, which comes in hand
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Very few women had important roles, so that world was dominated by men. Yet in "The Odyssey" women played very important roles. Women were not meek little structures blended into the background, they were powerful and wise. They charmed and controlled the men, took care of them; they provided submission, loyalty and advice. Women were very wise in The Odyssey and it was rather different to the roles women most often played in other stories of that time. Characters of women in poem help to understand the degree mortal women were respected and regarded in Ancient
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