Essay On The Role Of Women In Antigone

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The play Antigone written by Sophocles is a Greek tragedy which incorporates themes of divine law vs. man made law ,conventional role of a woman vs. a defiant role portrayed by a woman, but the very essence of the play and other major themes are created with the defiance of the conventional role of women shown by Antigone. This is the primary aim of the essay. A little insight into the Greek society gives us a brief idea about the status of women and help do a comparative study with the unique character of Antigone and her role in the development of the plot. Women in ancient Greek were considered inferior to men in every sphere ,from the intellect to the physical state. Their freedom was monitored by the dominating male in the family …show more content…

This also leads to a sort of uprising in Thebes as for the first time the masses were mourning Antigone’s death sentence supporting a woman which marked a turnaround in the society. As such acts were never accepted by the society at that time. In fact the woman was seen as the culprit by the entire society. Another element of ancient Greek society that is highlighted was to accept your destined fate. When Ismene says poor sister ,if this is how things are what can I do to prevent or change it. what Antigone puts forward is we should stand up for justice and not get supressed by an external force. This is precisely what she does, which ultimately claims her

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