Women's Role In Macbeth

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The role of women in Macbeth is very significant and Shakespeare used women often to create tension, make the play more interesting and to manipulate the audience in a certain way. In this essay I will be explaining how Shakespeare does that and how different women link to each other.

Lady Macbeth is the main focus of women in this play. As audience we expect that Lady Macbeth would have similar characteristics to her husband (Macbeth) for example being loyal to the king. However, when she first appears, she is already planning Duncan’s murder when she was reading the letter, and she is viewed stronger, and more ambitious than her husband. She seems to know of this and knows that she will have to force Macbeth to actually kill Duncan. Later in the play, she starts wishing that she were not a woman so that she could kill Duncan
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On the other hand its not all negative and evil as Shakespeare displays the other side of women by using Lady Macduth, he does this by showing her as a kind and caring women that tries to protect her children to the last breath of her life. Using the gentlewomen Shakespeare uses her to show that women are also very loyal.
In conclusion, the role of women was one of the main foundations of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and was used significantly throughout the plat to create a lot of tension and to deliver a certain message to the audience. They were also often used to display evil and to be very influential and persuasive however on the other hand Shakespeare also displays them as kind, caring and protective towards their
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