Essay On The Transformation Of Eugenia Phelan In The Help

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The Transformation of Eugenia Phelan In the book, “The Help,” by Kathryn Stockett, Miss Skeeter, also known as Eugenia Phelan, faces discrimination many times due to her own morals and ideologies secondary to the violence and hatred for African Americans in Jackson, Mississippi. Eugenia has a special set of morals and ideologies due to her own upbringing and due to her close relationship with her childhood maid, Constantine. Eugenia’s close relationship sparks inclusive and equality based morals which clash with Jackson’s Jim crow laws, which legalized segregation and criminalized inter-racial relationships beyond employee and employer associations. Even though injustice is focused on the African American community, white Americans, like Eugenia, face discrimination, punishment, and segregation if any other citizens suspect any deviation from the 1960’s Jim crow laws. Eugenia’s internal transformation, which begins with Constantine’s disappearance and continues through her inter-actions with the …show more content…

This transformation excluded her from her friends and her social circles, yet it opened the door for new and beneficial opportunities. Even though actions of hatred and violence effected Miss Skeeter’s internal world negatively those actions allowed Miss Skeeter to fight tyrants like Miss Hilly Holbrook and allowed her to transform into a better person. This example of positive transformation in the face of inequality and oppression illustrates the value in speaking up for an oppressed group against incredible odds for the good of society as a whole. Although, at first glance it may seem only the oppressed are negatively affected by oppression, the reach of oppression stretches its grasp past boundaries farther than most can

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