Essay On Tom Robinson Trial

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Tom Robinson, a negro man accused of raping nineteen-year-old Mayella Ewell, was convicted guilty this Saturday. He was convicted by Robert E. Lee Ewell, Mayella’s father. The young man will be sentenced to the electric chair, with no bail. Tate was the first one to the witness stand. He claimed that Bob Ewell called him to his house the night of the Twenty-First. Mr. Gilmer, the offensive attorney, asked the witnesses very few questions. On the other hand, Atticus Finch, the defense attorney for Mr. Robinson, made some significant moves when questioning the witnesses. He made strong points to suggest Mr. Robinson was not guilty. Mayella’s father was called to the witness stand after Tate. While he described the events in a rather harsh manner, …show more content…

Finch brought up was neither Mr. Ewell nor Mr. Tate called a doctor to check on Mayella’s injuries. Another big point was when Mr. Finch invited Mr. Ewell to write something down. A thing about Tom Robinson is he has a crippled left-hand, and Mr. Ewell is left-handed. Judge Taylor was in fact the one to notice and mention something to Ewell. This made Ewell furious. Finch was clearly trying to show that Ewell could have beaten Mayella. Ewell claimed, “Tricky lawyers like Atticus Finch took advantage of him all the time with there tricking ways.” When Mayella was called up to the stand, she was extremely emotional. Judge Taylor, who runs his court with alarming informality, was the one that consoled her. The judge occasionally has his feet propped up and appears to be dozing. Finch learned that Mayella is the oldest of the Ewell’s, she has seven siblings and has been to school for three years. She testified that when she had asked Robinson to help her with an old dresser in exchange for a nickel he took advantage of her and beat her. There was plenty of tension when Mr. Finch asked her back to back questions, then asked her if it was really her father who beat her. She responded to no more questions after

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